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Frequently Asked Questions
We have grouped our most frequently asked questions here for your perusal:

What do your services cost?
We charge an hourly rate for our services. Please contact us for our current rate.

How will I be invoiced?
We send out invoices on the first of the month. You will receive an email when your invoice is ready and you can log in to view your invoice online if you wish. All invoices are due within 30 days of receipt.

* How do I maintain my website text and content?
We've highlighted this question, and placed it near the top of the list, because it really is the first question that should be asked and answered before you even sign up for website hosting. How you plan on maintaining the content of the website will ultimately determine what type of hosting you need. We can help you determine whether you want to use a program that you install on your computer (such as Dreamweaver) or if you want us to install a program on your web host that will allow you to do this.

Do we get our domain name through you?
We will help you find a "Registrar" where you can sign up for your domain(s) through them. This is relatively painless - the hard part is finding a domain name that hasn't already been taken.

I received an email stating that my domain name is about to expire, what do I do?
It's very important that you do not let your domain name expire. Most Registrars will sell their expired domain names to other companies to auction off to the highest bidder. If your domain name is sold, it is very expensive to get it back again. So, be sure to login into your account at your Registrar and renew your domain name.

Do you work with people other than Graphic Artists?
Yes. Our main purpose is to help Graphic Artists, but if others need help then please feel free to contact us.

Do you offer Website Hosting?
We do not offer hosting ourselves, but we can help you find a web host suitable for your needs. Our focus is programming... we leave the hosting up to the experts so that you can be sure that your clients' websites are not run out of someone's basement or on a development or test server.

Do you sign us up for Website Hosting?
Although we do not sign our customers up for website hosting, we can guide you through each step along the way. All web hosts operate a little differently and each customer has different needs when it comes to which package they require. Allowing you to sign up for your hosting account allows you to have full ownership of your website. This way, there is no worry on your end as to what would happen to your website if we were to get carried away by a tornado or something.

I've finished my website pages, how do I get them up to the website?
In order to get your website pages up to your hosting account, you'll need a program installed on your computer to do this (unless your hosting provider has an upload tool). If you are using a Mac, you can use a program called "Cyber Duck". If you are using a Windows computer, you can use a program called "SmartFTP". You will need to connect using the FTP username and password that were sent to you when you signed up for your hosting account.

Do you use a program to slice Photoshop design files?
No. When you send us your final Photoshop design files, we will analyze them and determine the best way to manually slice your design and to place the images into html files. Most slicing programs don't always know the best way to keep your pages from getting too image heavy. Heavy pages take a long time for your customers download and view in their browser and we know some tricks to keeping your design intact while reducing the weight of the page.
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